Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bobbin Thread for Embroidery

Today's machines do so many wonderful things, especially those wonderful machines that do embroidery. Sometimes optimal results require a bit of tweaking.

Starting out with a quality digitized design is the first step to obtaining great results. Installing a fresh, sharp embroidery needle of the correct size for your project is very important. Also using the correct stabilizer is imperative.

Then there is the thread. For projects where the back isn't going to be the same as the front, it is best to use a bobbin thread made specifically for bobbin embroidery applications. Bobbin threads are lightweight so more thread fits on the bobbin and that means less bobbin filling and swapping in the middle of your project. And bobbin threads reduce bulk so your design isn't a wedge of thread sitting on your fabric.

We carry good quality bobbin threads and can recommend an appropriate thread for your project. Threads come in cotton, polyester, and filament polyester(nylon).  No matter what thread you choose, you should run a design test and adjust your tension accordingly to insure that your project turns out perfect.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sewing Up a Great Fourth of July

We're updating our Idea Wall in the store with Christmas in July ideas to help everyone get their holiday sewing off to a great start next month.

And since there's a lull in the class schedule while next month's preparations are made, we thought we'd bring you some last minute ideas for your fourth of July holiday. So here's just a sampling of  inspiration and ideas from around the net to make your fourth sparkle:

Need a casserole carrier? We found this tutorial here.

Decorations are great and the Aesthetic Nest Blog has a great Fourth of July post covering napkin rings, table runners, and garlands to sew and hang for your fourth picnic.

And for a whimsical set of placemats how about these from A Spoonful of Sugar Designs made with the pockets off of old blue jeans for cutlery holders? Be sure to have some denim needles on hand for this project and make sure your machine is set for heavy fabric!

Have a safe and lovely holiday and join us for our Christmas in July festivities next month!
Snowman Redwork Quilt Coming Soon

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Only Two More Weeks to Take Advantage of these Deals!

If you've been meaning to come in and take advantage of the 24 month interest free financing on Husqvarna Viking 5D Software, Sapphire 875Q, or the Topaz Sewing/Embroidery machine---what are you waiting for! There are only 2 more weeks left on this great deal. Take that new sewing machine or software package home today for 24 equal monthly installments and don't pay a cent of interest! See the store for complete details.

And don't forget about our deal that comes with every purchase of a Designer Diamond Deluxe now through June 30th, 2013. With your purchase you will receive a H|Class 100Q ABSOLUTELY FREE! That's an outstanding value worth $499.

So hurry in because these deals are almost all gone. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Join us for a Class!

This summer is just getting better with all the great new classes we have in the works. In this post we'd like to highlight a couple that you do not want to miss---the first is on July 23rd and is the Double Diamond Tote class. This bag features the double diamond technique on the front along with a decorative twisted handle. The bag is large enough to accommodate a whole market day of purchases! What a lovely gift it would make if you're planning on getting started on your holiday gift sewing early this year.

The other class that everyone is looking forward to is the Wildflower Embroidered Quilt class. This is a Smith Street design and features all those lovely wildflowers you find in Michigan woods and meadows. You can almost smell the beautiful Tiger Lilies, Jack in the Pulpits, and Trilliums. Join us beginning in August for this really outstanding project. View our whole class project here. And don't forget to finish those unfinished projects and get them in for credit! 


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Notable Notion---Moroccan Tiles Embroidery Design 248

The Husqvarna Viking Moroccan Tiles embroidery design is such a versatile design. The designs can be combined into an infinite number of designs and really look great in monotone or color blocked too.

The examples on this design's cover show pillows and a cushion cover but I can envision this design on so many projects. This would look equally beautiful in a kitchen, parlor, or powder room.

Use a combination of the designs as a valance over a kitchen window, then include toaster and mixer covers for a counter splash of color to bring it all together.

As well as pillows for your sofa, why not stitch out a holder for all those remotes using this design. A fabric basket to contain all that clutter attractively would add an elegant touch.

For the powder room  a pocket bag with this design could hold essentials---tiny soaps and bottles of lotion and why not a window valance here too---in different colors this design looks like a complete original! Come by the sewing center and get yours today. A limited supply is available. For a complete view of all the designs on this multi-format CD click here to go to our website.  

And check out our class schedule for an up coming class featuring this great design!   

Monday, June 10, 2013

New Classes at Kalamazoo Sewing Center

We've just added a new quilting and embroidery class to our schedule---the Wildflower Embroidered Quilt. In this class you'll create a beautiful quilt that features the gorgeous wildflowers growing in the Michigan woods like Jack in the Pulpit, Trillium, and Coneflower. We are so excited to offer this long awaited class. It begins in August but you must register in advance so come see us as soon as possible to register before the class is filled up.

There's a great sale on Singer Sewing Machines. We have some great models that great gifts for Father's Day---men are really getting into sewing today! A sewing machine also makes a great wedding or baby shower gift---it's the gift that keeps on giving and will give years of service. Give the Singer tradition of excellence and the recipient even gets a free class to learn how to use the new gift!

 And don't forget about the Hoop Sister's Feathered Star Quilt Class. Call today---the spots are going fast on this great quilt!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sewing Machine Issues? Try this...

The other day I was sewing out an embroidery design on a piece of ribbon that I was going to attach to a quilt as a label. All of the sudden, half way through stitching out the design my normally well behaved machine gave a clunking noise and, after stopping the stitching, and examining my project I found a birds nest that could have accommodated an ostrich underneath my project.

So, as many of us who enjoy sewing, I started the process of troubleshooting. I first checked the threading---making sure that the thread hadn't become caught coming off the spool or come out of the lifter arm on the topside. I examined the bobbin thread and made sure that it was properly threaded and flowing out of where it should be.

Then I examined the needle and realized I hadn't changed out the needle from a large quilting project that I'd worked on last. Well, no wonder my poor machine was experiencing technical difficulties! Not only was the needle the wrong kind for my current project, but the needle was dull from all that quilting. I changed to an embroidery needle of the proper sized for the close woven ribbon and had no other problems after that.

Today's sewing machines do wonderful things. And they are very sophisticated and designed to work with the tools we have available today. That means that a home sewing enthusiast needs to brush up on the needles and feet that are available and when and how to use them.

Vintage machines like Grandma and Mom used could, and often did, go years on the same needle. (Although running on the same needle for years is not something I would recommend---those poor machines are not at their best with an old, dull needle.) In fact quite frequently we have customers come into the sewing center and brag that the same needle has been in the machine for years. But the modern machines that handle tension control and automatic adjustments for you need to have good sharp needles that should be swapped out after each project, sooner for those large quilting projects.

And today's needle assortments come in all sizes for all different uses. We have specialized needles not only for embroidery, but for delicates, denim, stretch knits, quilting, and others. Each of these needle types have a special design making them a solution for their designated purpose. For example, a Microtex needle has a specially designed tiny, sharp point to get through those delicate, sheer fabrics---a solution that wasn't available to Grandma's vintage machine.

So if you're having issues with your machine, after checking the threading, try another needle.  Head over  to our website to check out all the types of needles we have available. Come see us in the store to stock up so you'll have plenty of needles on hand for your next sewing projects.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sizzling deals and projects at Kalamazoo Sewing Center

Sizzling hot deals and projects just for you!                                                                                        
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Feathered Star Quilt Class

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