Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Guest Blog

Today's blog is by guest blogger, Marie Furmanski, a web consultant and lover of everything sewing related in her spare time....

I dropped in at the Kalamazoo Sew Center on Thursday and found some industrious elves hard at work on Christmas quilting projects for gifts and decor. There was one type of quilt being worked but each individual quilt was the owners own creation; you would never know that all the quilts were from the same pattern and easily quilted "as you go" so that by the time the blocks are finished the quilt is finished too.

There was the quilt that was destined to be a table runner at the holiday festivities full of golden stars and Christmas trees:

      Then there was this completely different and gorgeous quilt version:

And one version Santa's elf was making was made of scraps left over from the making of a childhood of sundresses:

Adorable isn't it?

This is the finished version that started it all:

I am so excited about next month's project, this beautiful song bird quilt:

The first square is the Chickadee square. I can't wait to check my stash of materials to see if I have some material to complete this lovely square:

 This lovely quilt was made and designed by this genius sewing professional whose beautiful tag is as lovely as the quilt:

Be sure to check the January calendar on the website for class times; you won't want to miss out on the fun of making this lovely quilt.

And when you visit the Kalamazoo Sewing Center don't miss Grandma. She greets every one at the door. Watch this blog for sewing projects, tips, and pointers from Grandma:

We'll leave you with this tip from Grandma: The Amish always make sure there is a tiny flaw in everything they make; a missed stitch, a backwards pattern, something tiny and not noticeable. The reason is that only God can make a work of perfection. 

Well, thank you Grandma, I make all kinds of sewing mistakes; most not done on purpose; now I know it's just because I'm human. 

Thank you to all the students and staff of Kalamazoo Sewing Center for showing me all the exciting and gorgeous projects in the works. I can't wait to start going on my own. 

Bye for now.....