Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Buy that Sewing Machine Here

Come join us for some trouble free sewing machine shopping.  We have sewing machines starting at around $100 and up, and this time of year is the best time to get a great deal. We have special no interest financing on select machines too.

So why should you buy from us?

***We'll let you take the machine for a test drive before you buy.

***We'll give you classes free with your sewing machine purchase. We'll teach you how to use your machine, show you what all those attachments can do for you, and get you started on a  lifetime of creativity and fun.

***We'll support you over the lifetime of your machine. Have an issue with the thread or tension? Can't remember what that accessory does? Can't figure out how to thread the bobbin thread? Bring your machine in and we'll take a look and help you get back to your project as soon as possible.

***We service what we sell with our in store service department. No waiting months for a service technician like in some sewing centers!

***We are the sewing experts and we have a whole sewing community built around our store where sewing enthusiasts can get together, sew, learn, create, and share ideas, inspiration and solutions.

So come in, browse, and support a local small business. And rediscover how fun shopping can be when it comes with superior price, selection, and service.              

Monday, December 16, 2013

Gift Suggestions for Your Favorite Sewer

Wrap up your Christmas shopping with a visit to the sewing center. We have many unique gifts that you probably won't find elsewhere. And each purchase comes with personal service. Need some ideas? How about these...

**Husqvarna Viking rolled out the Circular Attachment for their Designer line last winter. This is a handy gadget that creates some wonderfully creative projects. The Circular Attachment has been the most  desired accessory this year.

***Thread, thread, and more thread! No owner of an embroidery machine ever has enough thread. And we have a rainbow of colors. Buy one or two spools to stuff in a stocking or purchase one of our exclusive designer sets of colors. Choose from Floriani or Hemingworth
***Stabilizer is another item that the home sewer never seems to have enough of and we have special package deals to help you out with gift giving.

***Today's machines need frequent needle changes and there are needles that make every job easier. Come in and let us help you select some needles to stuff into that stocking so that the sewer in your home won't be running out in that snow storm when that machine needs a new needle.

***We have specialty scissors to help with all kinds of applications from snipping applique to trimming embroidery threads. Sewers never have enough scissors.
***Ask us to help you put together a beginner sewing basket.

***Even feed feet are a must have for every sewing machine. Eventually everyone needs one.

***We have some really great patterns and designs.

***Know someone who has always wanted to learn how to sew? We have classes beginning in January. The winter months are perfect to bone up on some sewing skills, get together with others, and have some great fun.

***Still not sure? We have gift certificates!

We are a local, small business waiting to serve you. Pay us a visit and let us show you just how fun and easy holiday shopping can be.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Sewing Machine for Christmas

I'll never forget my first sewing machine---a tiny pink and white singer toy. I managed to sew a few stitches with it. A few years later Mom passed down her Singer Featherweight to me. I use it to this day when my Husqvarna Viking Embroidery machine is embroidering.

This year Husqvarna Viking added several new machines to their line up. And Santa has never had so many great choices of sewing machines to pack in his sleigh than this year. So if you're looking for a great machine to give this Christmas here are a few of our recommended favorites:

The Husqvarna Viking Emerald is the workhorse of the line. Sew through denim. Repair those jeans. This machine is not too complicated but with the right amount of stitches to tackle those routine sewing jobs. This is a sturdy machine that is great to learn on. It's economical---a great general purpose machine.

The Opals have a number of the features of the more expensive Husqvarna Viking line but at a fraction of the cost. Features like the built in advisor, intuitive screen, bobbin sensor, automatic tension control, thread cutter, and generous sewing surface. This machine comes with 200 stitches to start creating. Great for sewing fashions, baby clothes, or home d├ęcor. This machine will provide many years of perfect stitches.

If you're looking for a machine to do some quilting on but don't have the room or money to purchase a long arm come by the sewing center and take the Platinum 16 for a test drive. With the features and capabilities of the expensive models that take up a lot of room in a home sewing studio at a fraction of the price and space, this machine is a must have for the serious home quilter. This machine allows a quilter to sit down and quilt---perfect for someone with limited physical endurance. It sports speed control capabilities so that your stitches can be perfect every time. The perfect machine for the home quilter.

The Husqvarna Viking line includes some great embroidery machines. Come into the sewing center and take a look at the Designer Topaz 50, Designer Ruby Deluxe, or the brand new Designer Diamond Royale.  The Designer Diamond Royale is a beauty and the top of the Husqvarna Viking line. The only question is what won't it do. This gem will create perfect embroidery each and every time. There are 1200 stitches to use in different combinations of your choosing. The Husqvarna Viking sewing advisor built in this machine will advise you on stitches, stabilizer, and needles. It comes loaded with accessories and designs and the largest embroidery area in its class. It is the dream machine of the season.

 And don't forget, every one of these great machines comes with classes absolutely free so your gift recipient can learn how to use all the great built in features. So hurry down to the sewing center. There are limited quantities of each of these machines available.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Gift for Every Hostess on Your list!

With the holiday season upon us, you'll want to restock your holiday hostess gift bag. And we've got some really nifty ideas for you at the sewing center! Here are some quick, easy, and spectacular hostess gifts to sew  that will make you the most thoughtful guest this season.

Set up your embroidery machine with one of our Holiday Anita Goodesigns. A cute door decoration or wall hanging will brighten up a holiday home for years to come.

Personalize a hand towel for the bathroom with a monogram or cute holiday embroidery.

Sew a holiday trivet using scraps left over from other holiday projects.

Create a mug rug out of cute holiday fabrics.
Get creative. Build snowmen from left over fleece. Add a cheery gingerbread house to a starry night fabric. Quilt in some snowy hills. And you'll have a one of a kind.

We also have patterns for holiday coasters and some special embroidery packages for holiday kitchen towels.   

And finally, new this year, we have a special design  that is sure to please every hostess on your list; made in the hoop Hot Lid Holders and drink shoes for the hostess that has everything else!

Stop by the Sewing Center and look at all the cute designs and patterns. Take a holiday sewing class and join in the fun we're having sewing up a Merry Christmas!  

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Designer Topaz 50---Gorgeous Embroidery at Affordable Price

Husqvarna Viking completely revamped their entry level Designer Topaz Embroidery Sewing Machine this fall. The new machine has exciting new features like bigger, brighter view screen. You can enlarge, position, and reposition your designs easily right in your machine. How easy is that!

This is a full sized embroidery machine---not a small, limited version. So you can use nearly the full line of accessories that Husqvarna Viking has developed to make sewing so fun and easy for its Designer Sewing Machine line. Accessories like the interchangeable even feed foot or the circular attachment to create wonderful, one of a kind designer fashions and home decor.

The Topaz 50 comes with the exclusive advisor built right in. Simply let the machine know your project and fabric type and the machine gives you advice like stabilizer, stitch, and proper needle size---like having a sewing teacher right there in your home studio.

The Topaz comes with the sensor system that assists in feeding your project though the machine for perfect, even stitching every time. And the generous embroidery area allows a hoop size of up to 360mm X 200mm. And you won't have to worry about cutting the trim stitches either---if they're programmed into your embroidery design, like most quality designs are, the machine will cut them for you.

There are over 250 stitches built in and 150 embroidery designs come standard with the machine. And to sweeten the deal for this Christmas, Husqvarna Viking is throwing in a special edition accessory package that includes a hanging Vera Bradley accessory bag with thread, scissors and a coupon to spend $300 to spend online at

So hurry in. Our supply of the Designer Topaz 50 are limited. Get one now before they're gone.


Thursday, December 5, 2013

We're Sewing up a Merry Christmas!

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Rebates, Free Project Plans, Free Gifts and a Chance to Win! Inside...                              
Kalamazoo Sewing Center

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Rebates on our best machines and select 6D software!

For a limited time get our best deal on Designer Diamond Royale, Designer Ruby Deluxe, or Select 6D software packages and take advantage of a rebate from Husqvarna Viking.    
Rebate on Designer Diamond RoyaleRebate on Designer Ruby Deluxe

Buy a Designer Topaz 50 and get a limited edition gift absolutely free with your purchase! 

The special edition free gift has everything you'll need to get you started creating with your new embroidery machine---thread, a coupon to select additional free designs and a designer bag to hang all your accessories in a handy place next to your sewing machine. Hurry this is a very limited offer.    
Designer Topaz 50 free gift

Win a new sewing machine from Husqvarna Viking! 

We think it would be wonderful if one of our customers would win this contest! Click on the picture to enter.
Enter to win a free machine

Need Gift ideas?

During the month of December we have special sewing time planned just for you. Come join us for a class or sewing time. Test drive one of our floor models. And if you need more inspiration and ideas for gifts, check out these free projects on the Husqvarna Viking website. Click on the picture to learn more.  
Free Projects
**Please see store for complete details for all as additional restrictions may apply.
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