Monday, January 27, 2014

Scrap Buster---Bag Dispenser

How about that winter weather? I was right in the middle of a quilting project and ran out of stabilizer during one of the recent snow storms. There was no way I was going to brave the elements to pick up some stabilizer. Fortunately, I keep a list of quick projects that I would like to stitch some day perfect for times like this.

 For months I had been eyeing a big pile of plastic bags growing underneath my kitchen sink. I usually use reusable cloth bags but give myself  occasional permission to grab a few plastic bags because I reuse the plastic bags for things like small garbage cans. But lately the plastic bags seemed to be multiplying in the cupboard into a spread out mess. A bag dispenser was on my quick project list. An added bonus was that I could make the bag dispenser from scraps leftover from other projects.

Here is what I used for this project:

*16.5 inch long fabric strips
*One 16.5 x 26 inch piece of fabric for lining
*One 10" piece of 1" elastic
*One 16.5 inch x 1 inch piece of  Floriani Stitch N Shape

So I grabbed my scrap bag and pulled out a few strips that were at least 16.5 inches long. After pressing the strips I trimmed them all to the 16.5 inches long. I then stitched enough strips together until I had a piece of pieced fabric 16.5 x 26 inches long.

I stitched the Floriani Stitch N Shape about an inch down from the top of the pieced fabric.

I stitched two 2 inch x 16.5 inch strips right sides together for a handle. I turned the handle right side out and pressed. I basted the handle to the top of the right side of the pieced fabric about four inches from each side matching raw edges.

Then with right sides together I stitched the fabric lining to the pieced fabric leaving an inch on each side a 1/2 inch from the bottom open for turning and insertion of the elastic. After turning the sandwich I inserted the elastic and stitched the edges of the elastic into the seam on each side.

I folded the bag in half, right sides together  and stitched down the side. After turning right side out I had a bag that can dispense those plastic bags and my under the sink cupboard was cleared out for other things.  

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