Monday, December 16, 2013

Gift Suggestions for Your Favorite Sewer

Wrap up your Christmas shopping with a visit to the sewing center. We have many unique gifts that you probably won't find elsewhere. And each purchase comes with personal service. Need some ideas? How about these...

**Husqvarna Viking rolled out the Circular Attachment for their Designer line last winter. This is a handy gadget that creates some wonderfully creative projects. The Circular Attachment has been the most  desired accessory this year.

***Thread, thread, and more thread! No owner of an embroidery machine ever has enough thread. And we have a rainbow of colors. Buy one or two spools to stuff in a stocking or purchase one of our exclusive designer sets of colors. Choose from Floriani or Hemingworth
***Stabilizer is another item that the home sewer never seems to have enough of and we have special package deals to help you out with gift giving.

***Today's machines need frequent needle changes and there are needles that make every job easier. Come in and let us help you select some needles to stuff into that stocking so that the sewer in your home won't be running out in that snow storm when that machine needs a new needle.

***We have specialty scissors to help with all kinds of applications from snipping applique to trimming embroidery threads. Sewers never have enough scissors.
***Ask us to help you put together a beginner sewing basket.

***Even feed feet are a must have for every sewing machine. Eventually everyone needs one.

***We have some really great patterns and designs.

***Know someone who has always wanted to learn how to sew? We have classes beginning in January. The winter months are perfect to bone up on some sewing skills, get together with others, and have some great fun.

***Still not sure? We have gift certificates!

We are a local, small business waiting to serve you. Pay us a visit and let us show you just how fun and easy holiday shopping can be.

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