Friday, December 6, 2013

The Designer Topaz 50---Gorgeous Embroidery at Affordable Price

Husqvarna Viking completely revamped their entry level Designer Topaz Embroidery Sewing Machine this fall. The new machine has exciting new features like bigger, brighter view screen. You can enlarge, position, and reposition your designs easily right in your machine. How easy is that!

This is a full sized embroidery machine---not a small, limited version. So you can use nearly the full line of accessories that Husqvarna Viking has developed to make sewing so fun and easy for its Designer Sewing Machine line. Accessories like the interchangeable even feed foot or the circular attachment to create wonderful, one of a kind designer fashions and home decor.

The Topaz 50 comes with the exclusive advisor built right in. Simply let the machine know your project and fabric type and the machine gives you advice like stabilizer, stitch, and proper needle size---like having a sewing teacher right there in your home studio.

The Topaz comes with the sensor system that assists in feeding your project though the machine for perfect, even stitching every time. And the generous embroidery area allows a hoop size of up to 360mm X 200mm. And you won't have to worry about cutting the trim stitches either---if they're programmed into your embroidery design, like most quality designs are, the machine will cut them for you.

There are over 250 stitches built in and 150 embroidery designs come standard with the machine. And to sweeten the deal for this Christmas, Husqvarna Viking is throwing in a special edition accessory package that includes a hanging Vera Bradley accessory bag with thread, scissors and a coupon to spend $300 to spend online at

So hurry in. Our supply of the Designer Topaz 50 are limited. Get one now before they're gone.


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