Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Sewing Machine for Christmas

I'll never forget my first sewing machine---a tiny pink and white singer toy. I managed to sew a few stitches with it. A few years later Mom passed down her Singer Featherweight to me. I use it to this day when my Husqvarna Viking Embroidery machine is embroidering.

This year Husqvarna Viking added several new machines to their line up. And Santa has never had so many great choices of sewing machines to pack in his sleigh than this year. So if you're looking for a great machine to give this Christmas here are a few of our recommended favorites:

The Husqvarna Viking Emerald is the workhorse of the line. Sew through denim. Repair those jeans. This machine is not too complicated but with the right amount of stitches to tackle those routine sewing jobs. This is a sturdy machine that is great to learn on. It's economical---a great general purpose machine.

The Opals have a number of the features of the more expensive Husqvarna Viking line but at a fraction of the cost. Features like the built in advisor, intuitive screen, bobbin sensor, automatic tension control, thread cutter, and generous sewing surface. This machine comes with 200 stitches to start creating. Great for sewing fashions, baby clothes, or home décor. This machine will provide many years of perfect stitches.

If you're looking for a machine to do some quilting on but don't have the room or money to purchase a long arm come by the sewing center and take the Platinum 16 for a test drive. With the features and capabilities of the expensive models that take up a lot of room in a home sewing studio at a fraction of the price and space, this machine is a must have for the serious home quilter. This machine allows a quilter to sit down and quilt---perfect for someone with limited physical endurance. It sports speed control capabilities so that your stitches can be perfect every time. The perfect machine for the home quilter.

The Husqvarna Viking line includes some great embroidery machines. Come into the sewing center and take a look at the Designer Topaz 50, Designer Ruby Deluxe, or the brand new Designer Diamond Royale.  The Designer Diamond Royale is a beauty and the top of the Husqvarna Viking line. The only question is what won't it do. This gem will create perfect embroidery each and every time. There are 1200 stitches to use in different combinations of your choosing. The Husqvarna Viking sewing advisor built in this machine will advise you on stitches, stabilizer, and needles. It comes loaded with accessories and designs and the largest embroidery area in its class. It is the dream machine of the season.

 And don't forget, every one of these great machines comes with classes absolutely free so your gift recipient can learn how to use all the great built in features. So hurry down to the sewing center. There are limited quantities of each of these machines available.

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